Information and Guide to Bronte Country

The name Bronte Country derives from the area’s associations with the famous Bronte sisters who were 19th century authors who wrote a number of novels which have now become classics.  These novels have the amazing ability to strike a chord today, more than 100 years since they were written.  

Bronte Country lies within an area of West Yorkshire in Northern England not far from the city of Bradford.  Also not far away, to the north, is the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Haworth is the picturesque West Yorkshire village at the heart of Bronte Country as this is where the Bronte sisters wrote most of their famous works such as Jayne Eyre and Wuthering Heights while living at the Haworth Parsonage. Click to read more information about the Bronte sisters.

Bronte Country is a delight with its cobbled streets, fascinating industrial heritage, streams and moorlands. Bronte Country centres around the Worth Valley, the Pennine Moors and the village of Haworth. There are numerous pretty villages and towns to discover in Bronte Country as well as sublime countryside.

Places to visit in the village of Haworth include tea rooms, souvenir shops and antique bookshops as well as the Bronte Parsonage museum, pubs and restaurants. Dotted around Bronte Country are various fascinating attractions which focus on the history and works of the Bronte family. Find out more information in our what to see section.