Bronte Family Fact File

The Bronte Sisters, Emily, Anne and Charlotte Bronte were three sisters from Yorkshire in England who are to this day renowned for their great literary works which have now become classics. There are several vital and significant facts about the Bronte sisters that are little known to the people worldwide.  

Little Known Facts About the Bronte Sisters and their Family

•    There were 5 Bronte sisters in total and one brother.  Two of the Bronte sisters died very young.  The famous novelists are Charlotte, Emily and Anne who were three of six children.

•    The Bronte sisters' brother, Branwell Bronte was a writer, poet and an artist. For a time he worked as a portrait painter. He is probably best known though for his drinking, drug taking and for rumours of him having an older lover, which earned him somewhat of a reputation.

•    Originally the Bronte sisters’ books were published under male pseudonyms.

•    The father of the Bronte sisters was a man named Patrick, who was a Reverend and who also enjoyed writing. Patrick lived longer than all of his children as he made it to the ripe old age of 84.
•    All three Bronte sisters died at what is now considered a relatively young age. Emily died at the tender age of 30.  Charlotte died at the age of 38 whilst pregnant.  Anne died at the age of 29.

•    The sisters fuelled each other’s creativity throughout their short lives and as children, the sisters would write long stories together.

•    The first of the Bronte sisters novels to be published were Emily’s Wuthering Heights and Anne’s Agnes Grey.  Charlotte’s first novel accepted for publication was Jane Eyre.  Jane Eye quickly became acclaimed whereas the other novels never became truly acclaimed until after the Bronte sisters death.

•    Charlotte Bronte’s novel Professor, which was previously rejected for publication was published posthumously in 1857.