The Essential Places to Visit in Bronte Country

Bronte country is a windswept land of heather and wild moors that so inspired the numerous works of the Bronte sisters. There is plenty for visitors to see in this inspirational area of Yorkshire, in and around the village of Haworth.

Those fascinated by the Bronte sisters and their literary works will want to visit the Bronte related museums and attractions in the area whereas those who enjoy the great outdoors will want to spend their time, out and about discovering the landscape along with pretty towns and villages.

Some of the must-see places in Bronte Country include:

The information below guides you on things to see in and around Bronte Country. Wherever you opt to go and whatever you choose to see, we hope you have the best of times.


Bronte Parsonage Museum – This museum is located in Church Street in Haworth and is run by the Bronte Society, a charity which is dedicated to promoting the importance of the Bronte sisters’ works and heritage. Haworth Parsonage is where the Bronte family lived from 1820. Visit and discover how the Haworth family lived, see their possessions and discover what inspired them. The Parsonage Museum focuses on the creativeness of the Bronte sisters and houses the largest collection in the world of Bronte related pieces of interest. The museum is open throughout the year although opening hours vary depending on the season. Admission charges apply.

This museum has a busy calendar of special events and also offers a programme of fascinating guided walks and talks. Walks and talks include an introduction to the Brontes including information about the Yorkshire family and their inspiration, Bronte Treasures where you can get to see some of the best items in the Museum’s collection up close and the Haworth Tour where you are guided around the village and let in to the secrets of life around Haworth in the Brontes’ time.

Visitors to the Parsonage will note that it is right next to St Michael’s Church and Churchyard. This Church is just off the main street and lists the family members of the Bronte family. The presence of this churchyard adds an eerie dimension to a visit to the Parsonage Museum but it is apt. In the Bronte’s times the average life expectancy was just over 25 and the churchyard and graveyard would have been busy places, so the thin thread between life and death would have been ever apparent to the creative Bronte sisters. For more information on this walk see the Haworth village website walks page.

The Parsonage Museum is a must-see for serious fans of the Bronte sisters.

The Landscape:

No visit to Haworth and the surrounding area would be complete without spending some time outdoors discovering the unspoilt countryside. There are a number of points of interest close to Haworth that have been named after the Bronte sisters and these are wonderful landmarks to discover when out and about exploring the area that was known to the Bronte sisters. The two most notable landmarks are the Bronte Waterfall and Top Withens. Follow in the footsteps of the Bronte sisters and discover the landscape that the sisters would have known.

The Bronte Waterfall is a pretty waterfall close to Haworth that Charlotte Bronte wrote of in her diary and it was a popular beauty spot for Charlotte, Emily and Anne. Top Withens is the track that the sisters often walked on the moors and this leads to the stone farmhouse that is associated with the Earnshaw home in the book Wuthering heights.

Nowadays a walk connects Bronte Waterfall to Top Withens and you can follow a trail to these two important sights. Please note that the path is uneven at points and includes hill walks up stone steps. Take your camera and capture those special memories to treasure.


Towns and Villages:

Fans of the Bronte sisters will want to spend time discovering the quaint village of Haworth with its cobbled streets, historical buildings and hillside setting.  Nearby towns and villages close to Haworth worth a visit include Oxenhope, Oakworth, Stanbury, Damems, Ingrow and Keighley. Perhaps the easiest way to discover the best of Bronte Country is to buy a ticket to travel on the fantastic steam train on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway which connects all of these places.